New music for 60s Baby Boomers

6 July 2017

PG Naylor is the driving force behind; and front man for original Sydney North Shore 60's beat group, The Quiet Ones, still going strong 50 years on!

With a lifetime of original material in his kit to bring to his first solo recording session, he called upon the meticulous production and guitaring skills of Kim Humphreys, (an original Quiet Ones' groupie!)

The common lyrical thread on the resulting EP, 60's REFUGEE is that of a pioneering rocker's self belief in what he still has to say and contribute while PG's vocal delivery likened to that of the iconic Missing Links.

The  recordings channel elements of The Easybeats, The Yardbirds, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Byrds and on occasion, are slightly Beatlesque, on a collection of tunes that  clearly demonstrates old hands should never be discounted when it comes to creating music that has contemporary merit.

For PG Naylor, 60s REFUGEE is not retro; but another personal  milestone in a career that has always been true to its musical beginnings. For further details or comments contact PG Naylor at

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