60s Refugee

My first CD release an EP album, 60s Refugee, is available via the On-Line Store on this website, for purchase at gigs or by contacting me on 61 411554048 or pgnaylor@bigpond.com -price $10. Law Biding Man is a track from the EP -see video below

Two of the tracks from the album, 60s Refugee and Law 'Biding Man can now be streamed on Spotify and other streaming services.






My latest EP album, Sanctuary, is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple, Deezer, Media net, YouTube and Google Play.

Follow the link below to listen to the album https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/pgnaylor/sanctuary

Or search PG Naylor in Spotify or YouTube to get access to the tracks.

The title track was announced as a semi finalist in the International Songwriting Competition based in Nashville, USA in 2019.



Hollywood Road video

This is my latest video released on YouTube on 2 November 2020

Something For Nothing  -released February 2021



Better Left Unsaid

Here's my single -released February 2022 called Better Left Unsaid (see below)


Some great reviews:

What a very interesting classic sounding rocking tune and I can hear the very sharp-witted lyrics and vocal wise, I found it convincing and evocative.

  Killer song overall - really catchy. Good quality song!

 I appreciate where the message is going and I also like the upswing nature of the sound.

 Warm instrumental with clean percussion and high voltage vocals on top sitting great.

Great rock song with a nice and very catchy beat. I really like your calm voice, very relaxing.

The song is well produced with a nice classic touch to the music that works and the writing is well crafted.

Hey PG Naylor, your vocals are outstanding and rich.



My single Sensible was released in May 2022


Lady For Life

Lady For Life was released in July 2022